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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cause-effect Development Template

copyright 2008 by Gary L. Pullman

Note: We recommend that you read our "Essay Patterns of Development" post before you read this post.

Cause-effect: Explain the cause or causes of an incident (effect). (When the incident, or effect, is a human being’s behavior, the cause is referred to as a motive.)

Note: Often, an essay will explain both the cause (or causes) and the effect (or effects) involved in two or more incidents, conditions, or circumstances.

Topic: Anxiety

THESIS: Anxiety concerning a task that must be performed may be caused by inexperience regarding the task, by imagining the worst outcome instead of the most likely one, and by a lack of planning and rehearsal.
Use this blank template to generate a thesis for your own cause-effects essay:


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