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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Essays Made Easy: Mission Statement

copyright 2008 by Gary L. Pullman

The title of this blog expresses its purpose. Essays Made Easy is designed to take the frustration, annoyance, pain, and suffering out of writing high school and college essays. No, we won't write the essays for you. Instead, we will do something much better. We will teach you how to write essays yourself, using simple, but effective, principles, patterns, and templates that guide you through the writing process. Essays Made Easy is short on theory, but it is long on technique and practice. We will use simple, time-tested approaches to writing that literally walk writers through the writing process (prewriting, or planning; writing; and revising). Links to related posts on such matters as grammar, spelling, punctuation, usage, and style will supplement the main posts concerning rhetoric and composition. From the moment you start using Essays Made Easy, essay writing will get easier. The more you use Essays Made Easy, the easier and easier writing essays will become. Ultimately, our goal is to make Essays Made Easy obsolete--at least, as far as you are concerned. If you've just found us, come back often, because we're just starting Essays Made Easy, and we will be adding helpful new instruction frequently.

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